Project Description

We all have the potential to accomplish extraordinary things when given the right tools. Champion caller Fred Zink couldn’t find the right tools, so he made them himself. It took careful crafting and obsessive dedication to get it right. There were countless hours spent on the water, in the shop and on the stage.

Four decades later, Zink has become the name that marks the best game calls in the world. We seek to achieve perfection in every category with precise cuts, unique rods, premium reeds, one-of-a-kind materials and innovative designs. Every Zink call is hand-tuned before leaving the shop. That means a call only makes it into your hands after someone from our team has deemed it worthy.

We set the standards for all to follow. But our quest isn’t founded in surpassing “the other guys.” It’s our wish to help today’s duck, goose and turkey hunters tap into the greatness that resides in all of us. Because we believe there truly is a champion in every call – and in every caller.