Make sure you have the correct coverage for your needs. View our Hunting Lease insurance policy and our Vacant Land insurance policy to see which one is right for you.

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Hunting Lease


  • Insures landowners & all hunters

  • Landowner charges a fee for hunting

  • No coverage from trespassers

  • Coverage for all hunting related activities

$250 /per year

0-499 acres

Vacant Land


  • Insures only the landowner

  • Allows hunting for no charge

  • Protects landowner from trespassers

  • Coverage for any activities on property

$245 /per year

0-750 acres

*Pricing based on 275 acres and 2 landowners

Hunting Lease Reviews

“Fast and easy insurance quote. Bought it online and received the certificate of insurance within minutes. The premium was competitive. What more can you ask for?”

  • Joe Collins | Member since 2008

Hunting Lease Reviews

“This is my third year with AHLA & it just gets easier every year! Also a great bargain! Emails are sent directly to my landowner & everything is so quick & professional!”

  • Ricky Moore | Member since 2012

Hunting Lease Reviews

“Very professional sales rep (Ellen). Quick service and great pricing. I got my land insurance effective next day…highly recommend this company.”

  • Patty Brown | Member since 2014

Hunting Lease Reviews

“Second year doing business here. Easy to use services. I wouldn’t have used them the second year if the first was a hassle. Nice experience.”

  • kdm5891 | Member since 2020

Hunting Lease Reviews

“Fast and easy setup. The price is great with sufficient coverage for what I need. I haven’t made a claim. Would highly recommend.”

  • Gareth Nash | Member since 2017

Your AHLA Risk Management Package Includes

When you purchase hunting lease or vacant land insurance through the AHLA, you receive a complete risk management package with your purchase! Your package includes your hunt club or vacant land liability policy, AHLA membership, customizable hunting lease agreement or liability waiver and an online policy management portal. All premiums are 100% earned.

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Premium Membership Discount Program
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The American Hunting Lease Association is proud to partner with over 60 of the most popular hunting brands to bring Premium Members discounts on products that will keep them on top of their game season in and season out.

When you purchase Premium coverage you will immediately have access to your discounts. So save money and be protected all in one place.

Do I Need Both Policies

If you have hunters paying for the right to hunt on your ground AND you have guests access your ground during non-hunting seasons for any number of reasons, the answer is YES.

To best cover yourself from claims made against you, regardless if the claim is made by a paying hunter or family friend that you gave permission to, you should have the full complement of coverage.

Hunting Lease (Hunt Club) Insurance

Hunting lease insurance is very specific as to who and what is covered by the policy and is the only type of coverage that will protect you if you are charging a fee for others to access your land.

Hunting leases have become very popular all over the country for their innate ability to make accessing quality habitat possible without having to own land. Likewise, landowners that don’t hunt or are looking for an additional revenue stream, win by having hunters pay to hunt and recreate on their land.

There are two very important components to a hunting lease arrangement that make hunt club insurance the right choice. First, there is an agreement between all parties to exchange money for access. The amount of money is not relevant, only that some money will be paid to the landowner for the right to hunt.

The second component is that the agreement is written and signed. Typically, this is done in a hunting lease contract in which both parties (landowner and hunt club) agree on an amount and other details such as dates and game to be hunted.

Hunting lease insurance covers all parties (landowners and hunters) involved for liability damages made accidentally to the other. It is important to note, that everyone listed on the hunting lease is included but only for hunting-related activities on the land described in the hunting lease.  Guests outside of the hunt club that may access your property are not included in this coverage.

If you have hunters hunting on your land and they are paying for the right to hunt, then you MUST purchase hunting lease liability insurance.

Vacant Land Insurance

Vacant Land (Timberland) Insurance

Maybe you bought your property because you were tired of always looking for a safe place to take your kids hunting or maybe you lost the right to hunt on property you had hunted for years and vowed to never go through that again.  Regardless of why, you now own your own place, and you are passionate about hunting and sharing it with those that are close to you. Vacant land insurance protects you from any claims made against you by guests you have invited and even those you didn’t (Trespassers!).

It may be hard to believe that an old friend would sue you for damages he suffered when he fell into a well or tripped on a down fence while walking on your property. The reality is that faced with mounting medical bills, he may not have a choice. Even if you are found not to be liable for damages, the resulting court costs could leave you broke with no alternative but to sell your land.

Vacant land insurance (sometimes called timberland insurance) offers no protection for your guests. This policy only protects you, the landowner from lawsuits. Additionally, vacant land insurance protects you from claims made by trespassers! Again, its hard to believe someone that is stealing access could file a lawsuit and claim negligence on your part, but they can and do. This policy would defend you in court and pay for damages you are found legally responsible to pay.

In short, if you share access to your property for free and make no money from allowing access, then you MUST purchase Vacant Land Liability Insurance to protect you and your personal assets.


5.0 Rating | 380 Reviews

“Very professional sales rep (Ellen). Quick service and great pricing. I got my land insurance effective next day…highly recommend this company.”

– Patty Brown

“American Hunting Lease Association makes it easy to insure and protect your hunting club at the best prices. Everyone is very nice and easy to work with. Definitely recommend for your hunting lease insurance needs.”

– Jimmy King

“Great policy, best coverage. Looked around and found this to be the best plan for the money!”

– Joe Gumienny

“Ease of sign up and pricing were great. Ease of mind was even greater!”

– M Babb

“Second year doing business here. Easy to use services. I wouldn’t have used them the second year if the first was a hassle. Nice experience.”

– kdm5891

“Fast and easy setup. The price is great with sufficient coverage for what I need. I haven’t made a claim (and hope I don’t have to). Would highly recommend.?”

– Gareth Nash

“The service has been outstanding with everyone I’ve talked to on the phone being kind and helpful. I haven’t had to file any claims, but the setup process is a breeze and adding or changing info is quick and easy. I highly recommend them to fellow outfitters looking for quality insurance!”

– Clay Roberts

“The process was unbelievable easy and confirmation was promptly sent to myself and properly owner hunting the same day great job.”

– Cyrus Lott

“The easiest insurance policy (and maybe most needed) I have ever purchased. They make it simple. I had never purchased lease insurance, but having friends hunt on the property, I wanted to know if anything happened, we had coverage. Highly recommend. The price actually was less than I thought it would be.”

– Mitchell Smith