Vacant Land Insurance

Protect yourself from claims made by your invited guests and trespassers on your property

  • Next-day-coverage

  • Multiple landowners added for free

  • $0 deductible

  • Certificates emailed immediately after purchase

  • Liability coverage from use of old barns, sheds and cabins is included

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$1 Million Per Occurrence Coverage

Monthly Price
$2 Million Per Occurrence Coverage

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When you purchase vacant land insurance through the AHLA, you receive a complete risk management package with your purchase! Your package includes your vacant land liability policy, AHLA membership, customizable liability waiver and an online policy management portal. All premiums are 100% earned.

Why You Need Vacant Land Insurance

Do you own property that is vacant or undeveloped? You may be left open to unnecessary risks and liability. It doesn’t matter if the guest was invited, or a trespasser. If someone gets injured on your property and they pursue legal action, you could be forced to pay legal fees and medical bills.

Learn why we’re the preferred choice for liability coverage by hunters, hunt clubs and landowners!

Rated A+ Excellent by A.M. Best

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“I own land in another state from where I live. This liability policy gives me peace of mind knowing that I will be protected no matter who steps foot on my property whether I know it or not.”

– Cooper | Nebraska

“Being a landowner comes with many risks unfortunately. Thank goodness there are insurance policies out there like this. Protecting landowners in this great country.”

– Ralph | Indiana

“Purchasing this policy was about as easy as it gets. Was simple and straightforward and took maybe 5 minutes to finish. I also was emailed my certificates immediately after I purchased.”

– Joe | AHLA Member

Exclusive Policy Benefits

AHLA’s Vacant Land Insurance is #1 in the industry. We offer better protection with more benefits at a lower cost than the rest.

  • $1 Million Per Occurrence

  • $2 Million Aggregate

  • Next Day Coverage

  • Add Multiple Landowners For Free

  • Certificates Sent Immediately After Purchase

  • $0 Deductible

  • No Trespassing Signs Included

  • Custom Attorney-Approved Liability Waiver

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The #1 Outdoor Liability Insurance Company In America

Refers to the total amount the insurance company will pay per incident during the policy term.

Refers to the total amount the insurance company will pay for multiple claims over the course of one policy term.

Liability claims made against you from…

  •  Licensee – Anyone that is invited on the property for their own amusement or recreation.
  •  Invitee – Anyone that is invited on the property for the benefit of the landowner.
  •  Trespasser – Anyone that accesses your property without your permission or knowledge.

It does. If you are allowing friends or family to hunt for free.

No, you do not need a policy for each tract,

No. We can use a Tax Number, Legal Description or other location information.

Yes. The policy will pay and defend you against lawsuits and will provide coverage up to the policy limits. (Injuries cannot be due to a commercial activity.)

5 to 10 minutes by phone or online.